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Family Law

The Bilecki Law Group represents military service members and their families in Honolulu and throughout Oahu, Hawaii.

Family disputes are difficult for the family members and as well as friends, and timing is everything. Many clients have asked us what it means to practice family law. Simply put, our firm represents clients in any and all types of family cases. When you come to us, you do not need to be concerned that our firm will have to refer your case to another attorney at any point in time. From start to finish, we will handle your case with professionalism and responsiveness that family law requires.

If you feel overwhelmed by your circumstances we can help. It’s stressful to go through family law matters like divorce, separation, adoptions, and cases involving your children. We are here for you to give you your options and help you make an informed decision. We are here to represent you, provide knowledgeable and caring legal representation, and be your last line of defense even when you think you don’t need it.

The most concerning part of family law is that your opponent is not some faceless enemy in the distance. It’s the people you’ve spent your days and nights with. It’s the people you put your trust in. The people you thought would be on your side no matter what. Unfortunately in the real world, this isn’t always the case. When you call Bilecki & Tipon, you know we will remain on your side until the end to ensure you get the best legal representation possible to protect you during this difficult time.

Our lawyers handle the following family cases:

Divorce – Military Divorce
Contested & Uncontested Divorces
Spousal Support – Restraining Orders
Property Division – Prenuptial Agreements
Alimony – Contempt Actions in Divorce Cases
Separation Agreements – Mediation – Alternative Dispute Resolution
Cases Involving Children – Child Support Disputes
Child Custody  – Adoptions – Child Visitation
Contempt Regarding Custody, Support & Visitation
High Asset Divorce Cases

Divorce in HawaiI

Divorce is difficult for all parties. It is often very emotional and difficult to know how to proceed. Our divorce lawyers have extensive experience in the issues that are part of divorce actions, including separation agreements, spousal support, contested and uncontested divorce, alimony, child custody cases, child support, property and asset division. Please contact our law firm for a consultation if you are contemplating a divorce or are involved in divorce proceedings.

Military Divorce

We have the skills and knowledge to address issues unique to military divorces. Our family law attorneys will lead you through the process of divorce; child custody, visitation, and support; alimony; pension concerns; and property and asset divisions related to military divorces to make sure you understand the issues and make an informed decision.

Where we practice

Our Honolulu, Hawaii lawyers handle family law cases in the Honolulu area, to include: Honolulu, Kailua, Waimanalo, Kaneohe, Wahiawa, Ewa Beach, Kapolei, Haleiwa, the North Shore, Honolulu County, Pearl Harbor, Aiea, Waipahu, Pearl City, Fort Shafter, Hickam Air Force Base, Kanoehe Marine Base, Scofield Barracks, Tripler Medical Center, Wheeler Airfield and other United States military bases and facilities on the island of Oahu.

Child Custody & Child Visitation

Child custody cases and visitation disputes are usually painful and often complex. The determination of who will have custody of the children and what the visitation rights of the non-custodial parent can be agreed to or will be determined by the court. The children’s best interests are the main concern of the court. Modifications of child custody and visitation can be made at any time to account for the children’s changing needs.

Child Support

Divorce is a strain on the financial circumstances of the family as it’s more expensive to support two households than one. We can help you work out a support agreement for your children or if necessary represent you before the court or during mediation or Alternative Dispute Resolution. Proper legal representation is important for your children’s future and we are here to help and to enforce your spouse’s obligations under the agreement through contempt suits if necessary. Child support modification may be necessary as the needs of the children change.


Adoption, while thrilling, can be stressful while working through the rules and regulations for adoptions – foreign and domestic. Our lawyers can walk you through the process of adoption, beginning with where to start the process, all the way through to bringing your new baby home.

Experienced legal representation by lawyers practicing family law everyday will ease the stress of going through issues involved in a separation or divorce, military divorce, spousal support, alimony, child custody cases, property and asset division, contempt suits, child support modifications, and adoptions. Our attorneys will provide you with knowledgeable, caring representation to take the uncertainty out of the process. Our attorneys can explain the law in a way to make it easier for you to understand and to make an informed decision.

We provide legal services for divorces, military divorce, restraining orders,  and adoptions in Honolulu and throughout Oahu.

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